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----------------------------------------Seems they aren't going to thua kém Big Mom that easily...Katakuri keeps on being badass!


Good chapter, Big Mom is still being persistent. But onto the main thing... Katakuri is so strong, I do believe Luffy will come up with something in order khổng lồ defeat him, maybe Gear 5th or Gear 4th but a different khung of it. I'm curious how Oda will handle this fight.
Katakuri just might be the most competent character in the entire goddamn manga. He's treating this more like a mop-up operation than an actual fight.
watch out for incoming posts being a short summary of the chapterAs for the chapter it's strange luffy's tốc độ gear wasn't shown yet, it's almost like he's holding back. That gear also gives off steam which should melt the mochi as many expected.Katakuri might even have his own version of gear 5 by the looks of it. I expect this is all character development for luffy's fight against big mom.It's raining, the ship & big mom are out at sea, jinbei controls water with his fish man karate so can nami with her clima stick, i am not sure anymore who exactly is at disadvantage here.
Katakuri prove himself lớn be the strongest commander.I really can't see Luffy beating him for now but how will he escape from this fight.Also Pudding just keep getting more Tsundere every time i saw her.

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I can't picture how EVERYONE caj escape from this arc...I mean...island....I know they will escape someHOW..but how???anyone has an idea???plus, as boring as it is seeing mc always wins the fight...it's also kinda frustrating seeing mc loses.....so many complains, I'm sorry.....I just really want this arc to get over with (at least before new year comes)
We saw a lot this chapter. Brook, Choppper, Nami and Carrot crying over Pedro (which suggests that Pedro is indeed dead)And Jimbei told them khổng lồ not let their guard down. That was great. That shows we totally need Jimbei in the Team, when even the 90-year old Brook cant keep his cool.Pedo ähm Perospero also appeared & he is helping Mama lớn play Jesus xD và he has indeed lost his arm! YESSS :Da little bit Pudding, Sanji and even Pound appears, which is great!At the over we see the fight we all wanna see! Rubber vs Mochi, và its astonishing how superoir Katakuri over Luffy is! Gear 4th has lớn come now! yên ổn curious if Katakuri has similar ability to lớn counter this too. Great chapter!
Gear two & three looks totally a joke in front of katakuri.. Lặng not really sure gear 4 also works.. Hmm
Alot happened in this chapter. Katakuri is overwhelming Luffy, damn gotta think of a way khổng lồ make rubber more efficient than Mochi. Wouldn't heat vì the trick?It's good lớn see how far behind Luffy is to lớn the Yonkou màn chơi cause we should get a power nguồn up pretty soon.A bit of Sanji and Pudding, info about Lola. Nami và Co crying for Pedro while Jinbei seemingly takes the role of vice captain in Zoro's absence.I liked the chapter alot
I see, so this is the lesson that push luffy lớn awakening his DF. I mean think about itFirst we see Dof use awakening và everything around him become what he uses.Now we see a very-pretty much same actually- similiar use of DF power nguồn as Luffy, only stronger.If luffy figure it out how lớn awakening his DF and use the surroundings lượt thích Dof itll be pretty much same màn chơi as Kata.If that happen, we'll recall what enel-also use some sort of "see the next move thing we didn't know those days"- said "Not lượt thích your punches number increase"...because you know, now he'll punches numbers actually increased.My question is however. When will this arc end? ODA-sensei obviously can't draw everything across his mind about chapters anymore but still draw the running prosess everytime.
"Essentially, EOTL uses the 'quality, not quantity' approach, as the art relies on having a very refined and pure Ki even if not much in amount" -Lightning Tiger Yoochun

Luffy really is no match for Katakuri at the moment, he needs khổng lồ greatly improve his skill màn chơi because if he can't even handle a Yonkou underling, there's no way he'll be able khổng lồ handle an actual Yonkou. I'm just curious khổng lồ see how Luffy will overcome Katakuri's ability to basically create stronger versions of his moves.
"If taking responsibility for a mistake that cannot be undone means death, it's not that hard lớn die. At least, not as hard as to lớn live on."
"I’ve phối myself to lớn become the King of the Pirates…and if I die trying…then at least I tried!" Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Katakuri's Mochi can basically emulate all of Luffy's attacks but better. Luffy better go to G4 fast or he will get destroyed, because Kitakuri can see into the future, but if he cant react fast enough, then that is hopeless. That is how I think Luffy might have a chance.
So Pedro is dead for real, no take backs. Jimbe is right if we just stay crying and get killed, Pedro's death will be nothing, we can grieve later. Dam I thought Big Mom was a god for a second. They better hurry up with that cake. I wonder if Pudding tie herself to protect Sanji from herself, she was arguing with her own thoughts, the girl has some personality disorder, needs khổng lồ see a therapist desperately. So Luffy vs Dogtooth, well Dogtooth has the early advantage và he can predict the future, well I am sure Luffy will find a way khổng lồ win.
Nothing much khổng lồ say here, Katakuri is just simply superior in both techniques and experience. This is how the fight suppose khổng lồ go from a logical standpoint, just hoping Oda can make Luffy's win not too far stretched from what he has been capable so far, or better yet escape
It's great to lớn finally see a fight where Luffy is pushed khổng lồ the limits of his physical abilities. Katakuri is an ideal matchup for an epic fight.Fighting panels and the ones where Big Mom went over the candy were pretty dope.
One Piece episode 914 & 915 và 1027 were a mistake & 957 brought the salvationEpisode 1015

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