I am currently watching the 2011 anime và was interested in watching the two movies too, but I hate lớn go watch the movie after I've already passed that part in the show (mostly because I hate to see them weaker than I know they become).

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I just finished the greed island arc, anyone know where the second movie takes place in the series?


Phantom Rouge is a must watch for animating the canon Kurapika's past (rest of the movie is non canon) or else you can read the 2 special oneshots by Togashi.

Last Mission is the worst thing lớn come out with the name HxH in it, absolute garbage and an insult to the series.

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The last mission movie shits all over the manga/anime plot & characters.

Is just a tín đồ fic very badly written.

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The first movie its kinda fun, if you are past York Shin you should see it.

Phantom Rouge should be okay after Yorknew arc.

The Last Mission is probably somewhere around early Chimera Ant arc. But I would suggest watching it after the arc since some stuff might spoil the Chimera Ant arc. It's a weird one, doesn't really fit anywhere.

I don't think this is a big spoiler (really only two names), but I'll spoilertag it anyway just in case, decide on your own if you want khổng lồ read it (:


If you finished the greed island arc, you're about lớn hit the Chimera Ant arc, which is one of the greatest arcs ever.

I suggest finishing the anime then watching the movies. They are both not canon, expect the Kurapika's flashback.

Also Last Mission is garbage, watch it if you want to.


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