Virtual Public Hearings hosts a number of public meetings & hearings throughout the year.

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These different types of events are often required by various regulations or can be requested by the public:

Public Hearings: Public hearings are formal sessions designed to lớn receive testimony from the public on a specific kích hoạt such as a proposed permit decision. Hearings vì not offer two-way communication; transcribed comments are considered by after the hearing và responded to at a later time in a comment and Response document. While some hearings may be required by regulations, others may be held at"s discretion. Public Meetings: These are informal sessions designed to lớn answer questions about a permit application or potential action by These sessions allow for two-way conversation and may include a brief presentation by the applicant. Due lớn staff and technology limitations, public meetings continue khổng lồ be suspended at this time. 

Typically, these events would be held in person at an accessible community location near the proposed project; however, in accordance with the Governor’s guidance on COVID-19, these in-person events have been suspended until further notice. 

In an effort khổng lồ move forward with our regulatory responsibilities, will hold virtual public hearings as needed.

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All events will be hosted on WebEx unless otherwise announced and will include a telephone-only option that does not require internet access. While nothing replaces gathering in-person, these virtual events will still allow those who wish lớn present comments verbally to bởi so by phone or computer. also accepts written comments regarding any matters in which public hearings are held, & equal consideration is given lớn all comments regardless of the manner in which they are received.  

Registration for Virtual Public Hearings

Registration for virtual public hearings occurs in two steps: 

If you wish to lớn present testimony, you must liên hệ the person listed in the notice at least 24 hours prior lớn the hearing lớn indicate your intention to speak, and register at the unique links provided below for each hearing. If you wish to listen only, you only need to lớn register at the unique liên kết provided below for each hearing. 

It is imperative that you follow this two-step process if you wish to lớn present comments. There will not be an option to lớn request khổng lồ speak during the hearing if you have not already done so 24 hours in advance.

Ground Rules for Virtual Public Hearings

All public hearings will be recorded by a stenographer và become of the official public record relevant to lớn the specific project. Due khổng lồ the nature of these formal proceedings, staff will not be able khổng lồ address questions about the proposed kích hoạt during the hearing. Organizations are asked lớn designate one commenter to present on its behalf.Time may not be shared or relinquished to lớn others. All will be muted until it is their time khổng lồ provide public comments. Commenters will be called upon & unmuted in the order in which they registered lớn speak.Please state your name, city, state, & affiliation, if any, for the record prior to lớn presenting testimony. Please spell any words not generally familiar lớn assist the stenographer. Testimony will be limited lớn 3-5 minutes for each commenter, which will be noted in the notice for each hearing. Please note that written and spoken testimony are considered equally by Video demonstrations và screen sharing by commenters will not be permitted; only spoken comments will be recorded in the transcript. If an individual provides inappropriate or threatening commentary, a warning will be issued. If the behavior continues, the commenter will be disconnected from the WebEx.